We are Restructuring our NYC Community 

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About Us

ComeFindHelp is a non-profit organization dedicated to restructuring the definition of community in NYC to one that is socially and environmentally sustainable. Through the use of renovated shipping containers, our mission is to bring communities together so that all of us may benefit from the city that we love. All of our containers would run on renewable energy and use as little waste as possible. 

Breaking Down our Mission Statement

Where do you start with such a broad goal such as community reform? We've broken down the core of "restructuring the definition of community" in NYC to addressing three atrocities that we as New Yorkers take for granted. These are: 


 There are 62,963 recorded homeless people living in NYC as of October of 2017. The actual number is higher, for these statistics cannot account for the thousands more that rather brave outside than endure the jail-like environment of homeless shelters.  

Food Deserts

Food Deserts: Places where access to fresh fruits and vegetables are restricted by price or distance. In NYC alone, there are around 750,000 people living in food deserts ( not including homeless people).

Victim Blaming

Lack of grassroots communication between socioeconomic classes prevent us from regularly creating any real change in each others lives. CFH will act as the bridge that facilitates conversation on a more conscious and healthy  NYC community.

2018 Q4 Goals

By the Fall of 2018 we intend to have two containers up and operational in NYC. Together, these containers set the foundation for a system that will heal the social rift between the extremely impoverished and the rest of the city. All containers will run on renewable energy. They are:


Shipping Containers renovated to
provide showers to the homeless during operational hours. Runoff from the showers will go toward watering the community garden that the container is a part of. 


Shipping Containers renovated to preserve and distribute fruits and vegetables. The food will be sold at a slightly marked up price so that the homeless may eat for free.


Shipping Containers renovated to provide temporary warmth and shelter from the winter elements. Combined with the CFH20 and CFHealth, CFHeat Containers would serve as facilitators of conversation among commuters
  • I stay in my community a lot. Once I leave [it] people judge me
    Stanley "Bear"
  • I dont like the way [shelters] were moving. Fights, crackheads... I felt like I was in JAIL. So I left. I was better off in the streets 
  • I've been to bars, parks, open places. And once people got to know me they tell me, "Wow...when I first saw you I was ready to run"

Can I Help?

We'd love to one day expand into most community gardens in all five Burroughs, shifting the culture in New York to one that does not ignore the social and environmental issues that effect us all. Would you want to get your local community garden involved? Don't hesitate to contact us!

How to reach us: