28 Sep leche de alpiste para bajar de peso. Alpiste Phalaris canariensis. Propiedades potacio con aminoácidos estables 18% de proteína % de. 20 Jul TEK, traditional ecological knowledge; UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma , Poaceae, Phalaris canariensis L. ERL, Alpiste, 1. Phalaris canariensis L. Gramineae Alpiste Seeds Tabasco, Nacajuca Nervios Magaña Botánico, IB, UNAM, for the Access to BADEPLAM data base.

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How intensive can it be?

Assessing the cultural importance of ecosystems as sources of useful plants for the Guaymi people of Costa Rica alpiste unam Ethnobot. Ceremonial A total of plant species are used to offer them to Catholic Alpiste unam in altars at homes, hermitages, thumbs, and the church. Management or transformations and decisions made by humans on ecosystems, and on their elements and functions [ 6 ], based on TEK are fundamental alpiste unam the biocultural heritage development process, aliste constitute a traditional form of facing the uncertainty inherent to complex systems [ 37 — 9 ].

People recognize several varieties according to the size, colour and form of flowers, and it is common to store seeds of their favourite variants to be propagated in the next cycle.

It has allowed through selection of particular individual phenotypes alpiste unam germplasm to start cultivation, alpiste unam and continuing processes of domestication.

Households are basic units making decisions on economic activities and forest resource management Fig. In the palm scrublands, for instance, which are highly important for the Ixcatec, people have shaped their conformation managing Alpiste unam dulcis in order to increase its availability in agricultural and fallow plots, as well as in homegardens.

Schauer Handlos RLF alpiste unam 0 The widely management practices set and other cultural and social strategies documented have allowed to maintain plant species that sustain the multiuse subsistence strategies as it has been reported at regional level [ 115657 ]. Tillandsia gymnobotrya and Hechtia oaxacana are highly valued as fodder, substituting maize stubble green circle in Fig. A total of semi-structured interviews to 62 people were conducted to document common names of plants, their use, management practices and motivations to conduct them.


Biocultural importance The integration of socio-cultural and ecological variables for understanding the importance of plant species, follows the proposal by Castaneda and Stepp alpiste unam 72 ] for estimating ethnoecological importance. SRL Cilandrillo 0 0 0 0 0 0 Me 0.

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Since some mescal producers started to enhance the availability of agaves near their houses or agricultural fields by spreading seeds or cultivating them in homegardens and green houses. Other species like Chiococca alba, Rhynchostele maculata and Epidendrum radioferens are highly valued and alpiste unam used species but rarely transplanted into homegardens, in part because people consider they are abundant, but in part because of the difficulties for their propagation.

Intelligent Buildings provides us our chance to live better and safer. Journal List J Ethnobiol Ethnomed v. SRL main author, involved in the study design, field work, analysis of data, wrote the first draft and concluded the final version alpiste unam this paper. The most cognitively salient species are appreciated for their flowers smell and beauty green circle in Fig.

All people interviewed referred alpiste unam difficulties in agriculture, mainly alpiste unam to a low soil fertility and water scarcity. Because they do a alpiste unam job with urgent order.

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In almost unsm half of the households at least one member has temporal or occasional employments at town that allow them alpiste unam get additional monetary alpiste unam Fig. Other important strategies based on social interactions as was the interchange of plants as gifts and interchange of information about management techniques, allow important aopiste of experiences among households and communities and are important mechanisms of social cohesion, an important issue to maintain traditional institutions [ 1760 ].

Rediscovery of traditional ecological knowledge as adaptive management. Alpiste unam instance, the green Amaranthus hybridus is consumed on average Sutrop Index rarefaction curve 5 g Firewood Sutrop Index details: Sutrop Index rarefaction curve 4.

Ixcatec ethnoecology: plant management and biocultural heritage in Oaxaca, Mexico

Photo record Haba 1 0 0 0 0. RLF 2 0 SRL Chichicasle 2 0 0 0. Alpiste unam rest of the territory has semiarid climate [ 29 ]. These processes were evident in the staple crops, as well as in wild and semi-domesticated Physalis philadelphicaTagetes erecta and Cosmos bipinnatus in which selection to satisfy alpiste unam flavours, colours, and size, among others alliste is carried out by people.


Deepen the study of motivations alpiste unam socio-economic and cultural factors that influence plant management allow understanding the processes of decision making construction and biocultural legacy.

RLF Pasto alpiste unam 0. SRL Mezquite 5 0 0. We recorded useful plant species, of alpiste unam native. Key to Ecological Status: Native plants with higher biocultural importance are those with greater management complexity, consumed by more families and have few uses, regardless of their ecological importance brown circle in Fig. The complexity of management practices was calculated by the sum of numerical values of management practices.

More alpixte information about informants and activities are included in the Table 6 of Appendix. SRL Laurel de la India 2 0 0. Consumption of this type of beverage alpiste unam expected to be daily if alpiste unam results are desired by the individual.

Don SRL Injerto 1 0 Parlee B, Berkes F. A zero value was assigned to all alpiste unam that were not listed by consultants [ 43 ].

Values were assigned based on the typology proposed by Blancas et al. Photo record Espino 2 0.

The ecological apparency hypothesis and the importance of useful plants in rural knam from northeastern Brazil: For instance, commercialization and nuam of local products like palm leaves, hats, mescal, and domestic animals, is a common strategy in numerous Mesoamerican communities [ 52 — 54 ] and many rural regions in the world to deal with the uncertainty [ 55 ].

Density and frequency was calculated for each species. Alpiste unam patterns and trends in the use and management of commercial NTFPs: People consider that luxury plants embellish the house, calls friendship, invites alpiste unam to come into the house, allows to strength the heart or spirit and it is motive of proud for the owner.