ARSOF U.S. ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND ARSOFis special edition produced under the auspices of Special Warfare by the United. ARSOF <. ///FROM THE COMMANDER. The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is celebrating its 25th anniversary. An important milestone. 15 Aug ARSOF Next; A Return to First Principles brings the ARSOF vision full . ARSOF first articulated the USASOC vision for the future.

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Official distribution is limited to active and reserve special operations units. Special Operations Command to build new strategic options for the nation. Once I saw the instructors were right there the whole time, and able to recognize if someone was struggling, I quickly relaxed and was able to accomplish what we were all taught to do earlier in the day.

They donned advanced combat helmets and vests, similar to those they wear on missions, as they prepared to enter the CH Chinook Helicopter simulator.

Like Artillery in major combat operations, regionally expert forces should not be “left in reserve” in the conduct of special operations.

Selected, trained and organized to work with indigenous forces, possessing area expertise and language proficiency, exceptional small-unit fighting skills and the ability to operate in uncertain or denied areas for extended periods, Special Forces units are designed to operate in complex and uncertain environments.

Building on these external drivers, the document describes a maturation of foundational precepts including SOF Operational Art, the Human Domain, the 7th Warfighting Function, Special Warfare and Surgical Strike, while also defining the six enabling concepts that provide the framework to achieve the ARSOF vision. While the rise of non-state and Over the next decade, the ARSOF Soldier will be called on to put all of aesof training to the test in ungoverned and under-governed parts of the world, as well as in urban centers.

We will increasingly need special operations campaign designers and planners who understand the full range of special operations capabilities and can weave their operations together over time to achieve U.

It requires operators to understand the political, cultural, and geographic complexities of 20222 operating environments and the unique challenges faced by our allies and partners. Countries where state-sponsored, non- state and transnational actors operate typically have weak and corrupt central governments, high unemployment, exorbitant poverty levels, limited internal infrastructure, deep ethnic and religious divisions and a history of humanitarian issues.

Experiments culminate in the transition of their results through event reports, arsor, findings and recommendations that can be readily used to facilitate decision-making.

ARSOF tactical elements will have an unprecedented level of organic and tactical exploitation of national capability, regardless of the austerity or sensitivity of their environments. We remain in contact with the enemy, making significant contributions to the nation through extraordinary sacrifice from our regiments and our families.

Enemies will seek to exploit their asymmetric advantages wherever possible; USASOC’s training; education, capabilities and concept development must reflect this reality. We cannot win the current fight without preserving the force and its families.

Wars among the people that emphasize influencing population groups rather than an exclusive emphasis on battle is an ancient concept. Participation by civilian and military agencies of a government in any of the action programs taken by another government or other designated organization to free and protect its society from subversion, lawlessness, insurgency, terrorism and other threats to its security.


As a force, we are uniquely prepared to succeed in the most uncertain conditions and offer solutions to the nation’s most difficult and sensitive problems. Leader Development Leaders must be able to deal effectively with the complexity and uncer- tainty of potential operating environments, be cultur- ally aware, understand the information environment, master consequence man- agement and be prepared to conduct decisive actions.

Skilled SOF operational planners and leaders routinely mesh special warfare and surgical strike capabilities to conduct SOF campaigns in support of joint and interagency efforts.

Instead, this new world will be characterized by an irregular balance of power between both state and non-state actors.

SOATB Implementing ARSOF 2022 Priorities

ARSOF have always functioned as a strategic bridging force, serving as connective tissue among indigenous forces and populations and within our military and the interagency community. The terms special warfare and surgical strike more accurately asof our force based on its capabilities. Employment of specialized SOF aircraft and uniquely qualified SOF air crews for the rescue of personnel from enemy territory or denied areas whenever conventional combat search and rescue techniques and capabilities are inadequate.

Our forces must be equipped to operate in any environment in the world for extended periods in a low-visibility and clandestine fashion. As your commander, I can prepare you for these threats in no better way than by planning for your success. If we move forward in a connected, reasoned manner, we will be able to face the uncertainty of the next decade and emerge a stronger force.

Going into the training, Whisenant admitted he was nervous, but those nerves quickly settled once he saw the dedication of the instructors.

Ultimately, we must provide senior decision makers with innovative ideas and viable options to better defend our homeland and achieve our national-security objectives. Over the last decade, there have been numerous and diverse efforts to address this critical gap.

SOATB Implementing ARSOF Priorities – ShadowSpear Special Operations

The execution of activities in a precise manner that employ SOF in hostile, denied or politically sensitive environments to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover or rasof designated targets, or influence threats. Our force is uniquely designed to infiltrate austere, remote locations and 20222 mass combat power to seize, destroy, capture or recover designated targets and exfiltrate in a single period of darkness.

The results will be standardized and made available through a supporting IT system and will directly lead to a DOTMLPF solution to eliminate the current vulnerabilities or best prepare the future force to meet the challenges of the operating environment. Mastery of the Cyber Domain aesof require Army Special Operations to have training in cyber operations, knowledge of supporting systems and organizations and the ability to utilize cyberspace to enable operations while mitigating the inherent security risks.

Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, arsf, and individuals. It is imperative that our force knows that they have access to any and all programs that contribute to the health of their families.


The need for special operations campaigns that tie SOF tactical capabilities to U. As with conventional warfare, the Army has developed special warfare maneuver units, whose mission includes closing with and destroying the enemy. Ad hoc in nature 20222 insufficiently resourced, these efforts have yielded disparate effects, resulting in missed opportunities to effectively integrate SOF capabilities. 2022 requires persistent forward engagement at points of vulnerability around the world.

In order to meet these requirements and to counter hybrid threats of the future, ARSOF must provide the nation with a portfolio of complementary capabilities enabled by institutional and operational agility.

History teaches us that the nations that grow comfortable with the old ways and complacent in the face of new threats, those nations do not long endure. ARSOF will be equipped with innovative systems that provide low-visibility, reliable, secure and seamless video, data, imagery and voice services that provide integrated, on the move, timely and relevant information to enable SOF C2 in any environment with any echelon of joint command or partner force. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School: ARSOF will leverage emerging technology to continue atsof develop innovative, low-visibility means and when required, non-attributable materiel solutions, that enable new means for ARSOF to discriminately engage the most sensitive targets around the globe.

The current resource allocation reflects a significant commitment to the U.

Technological advances and operational paradigms continue to drive increased requirements for secure and non-secure, real-time communications leveraging multimodal, cloud-based mesh-network technology. We must overcome the full spectrum of threats – the conventional and the unconven- tional; the nation state and the terrorist net- work; the spread of deadly tech- nologies and the spread of hateful ideologies; 18th century-style piracy and Zlst century cyber threats?

Therefore, it is important, and more accurate, to view FID, COIN and UW as a range of special warfare capabilities that are similar in that they cultivate relationships with partner forces and seek shared security interests. The engineers participating in the training understood its importance and were grateful to be the first conventional force Soldiers to receive it.

With the well- trained, dedicated and Soldier-first attitude the instructors have, Jones hopes more Soldiers will be afforded the opportunity to complete the training in the future. ARSOF is a blueprint for change. It is imperative that our force understands not only the threats that may develop over the next decade, but also the changing environment in which we will be called to operate.

Short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive actions conducted as a special operation in hostile, denied or diplomatically sensitive environments and which employ specialized military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover or damage designated targets.

Humanitarian assistance provided by US forces is limited in scope and duration. As the war in Afghanistan transitions to an Afghan-led effort, a large segment of our force will be remissioned to other strategic and theater problem sets.