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This Contains this information… column… Link Type The type of link as follows: Elapsed time The elapsed time since processing started.

DataStage Interview Questions Click here. Updating the Display You can set how often the display area is updated from the server by editing the Director options. darastage

DataStage Director options

Dircetor To be run column shows when the job is scheduled to run, as shown in the following table: The same fields described earlier are displayed in this window except: Note that message handlers do not deal ascntial fatal error ascentkal, these will always be written to the job log.

For parallel jobs, you can define message handlers, which specify that particular types of informational or warning messages are suppressed from the log. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Ready The stage is ready to process the data. If you select a link in the tree either under a stage or a stage instance the following information is shown: The context will always be listed as Unavailable if the Show All option button is selected.

You can filter the view to display specific ascenfial of job, based on their name or status see “Filtering the Job Status or Job Schedule View” on page All types of job in your project are displayed in the Director job category pane. Only active stages can be monitored from a Monitor window.


Variable parameters such as file names, dates, and so on, can be specified when the job is run. If you right-click in the display area when the cursor is not over a job, a subset of this menu appears. The links are shown in blue. What Is in the Printout? You can, however, filter the display by using the option buttons in the Processes and Locks areas of the Job Resources dialog box.

When the job runs it will look in the local handler if one exists for each message to see if any rules exist for that message type. This is set to The default value is The log files are held in a hash file, and automatically purging the log does not actually empty the file.

Oldest entry shows the date and time of the oldest entry in the log file. The Cleanup Resources command lets you: A job sequence allows you to specify a sequence of DataStage jobs to be executed, and actions to take depending on results. You can view the full message in the Event Detail window.

The InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Director client

There are three views: Select No limit to log all error messages or Abort job after to specify a number of warning messages. It also starts MetaStage Explorer and Quality Manager, if these components are installed on the system, and custom software.

The DataStage Director window appears. Note If the text entered matches any portion of dierctor text in any column, this constitutes a match. The message is not written to the job’s log as it runs.

In that case the context field may have entries for more than one active stage. You can use Copy to copy the event details and message or selected text to the Clipboard for use elsewhere.


DataStage Director options

To completely empty a log, use the manual purge facilities to clear the whole log, then set up auto-purge to keep it at a manageable size. Click Close to close the dialog box. It displays the status of all jobs in the category currently selected in the job category tree. For information about how to perform these tasks for DataStage mainframe jobs, refer to the documentation supplied with the mainframe computer.

For example, Next 28 means the job is run on the next 28th of the month. You can also add rules to handlers when you run a job from the Director regardless of whether it currently has a local handler included. Starting The processing is starting. Working databases are busy. You can specify message handler use at different levels: In April IBM acquired Informix and took just the database business leaving the data integration tools to be spun off as an independent software company called Ascential Software.

Run time The time the job is set to run, in hour format.


Setting Default Job Parameters You can set default values for any parameters a job has. The batch is started and its status is updated to Running. These topics describe the interface to the Director client and how to use it, including:. To run a batch immediately: These may be static, but inaccessible because their format is different from your working system.

If you are printing to file, the Print to file dialog box appears.