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An on-board linear regulator is used to generate the The following text will appear on the screen of the terminal program: Together with the software command you will find a Ref. The digital codes are then applied to logic circuitry to obtain the various control signals. A ‘lightning stroke’ and a stripe-marked printing on the printed wiring board, indicate the primary side of the power supply.

The spindle-motor interface provides both motor control signals from the demodulator and, in addition, contains a tachometer loop that accepts tachometer pulses from the motor unit. M Main Menu 1.

The following text will appear on the screen datxsheet the terminal program for Digiboard Datahseet Only qualified service personnel may remove the na5938fm or attempt to service this device, due to possible eye injury.


But of course there is a limit to this maximum rotational speed. Keep components and tools at this same potential. This subsystem recovers the data dqtasheet the channel stream. Disk motor and hall elements: The other loops determine the laser spot position on the disc in the radial, axial focusand tangential directions. Contact us to buy or sell excess electronic component parts and inventory.

This modulated pattern is called a wobble groove, because the walls of the groove appear to wobble from side to side. Basically, the OPC procedure tries to find out the optimum laser power to be used on a specific disc. To achieve this, ab5938fm is important that the sledge motor can rotate as fast as possible. This disc will be recognized as an empty disc by the application. A normal DC motor is used, combined with hall sensors.

This will guarantee an optimal playability for all kind of discs. Get Self Test Result 9. PWB or ‘mono board’. To reduce this time, the recorder has been equipped with Diagnostic and Service software DS. This signal is only used during recording, and therefore has no effect on the playback process. Power Diagram 5 29 Servo Board The two hall outputs, which go to the PCS control block, are ‘sin phi’ and ‘cos phi’.


NSCWT-T43 Nichia Corporation | WIN SOURCE

Table Table of supply input voltages. Spare Parts List Consignment and warehousing available. Reset Error LogSpindle Motor The conversion frequency is 88KHz per datsaheet. Digital Board Chrysalis always starts with Command Interface.

BA5938FM डेटा पत्रक PDF( Datasheet डाउनलोड )

Remove the clamp assy, by releasing the two side clamps [2] while moving it upwards. Driver Diagram 3 20 Servo Board This code contains six numerals, which means: Before starting the measurement, connect the power supply to the mono board via connectorand the PC interface cable to the Service Interface connector of the ‘test recorder’.

Read Error Log 2. The diagnostic software is now ready to receive commands.