CAN CSA-B149.1-05 EPUB

CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. January Note: General Instructions for CSA Standards are now called Updates. Please. 1 Preface This is the thirteenth edition of CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. It supersedes the previous editions, published. Erstattes av: CAN/CSA B Alert Tilbaketrukket. Pris: NOK 1 ,00 (eks. mva) NOK 1 ,75 (ink. mva). Omfang: This is a searchable PDF

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At least Schedule 40 shall be used if joints are either welded or welded and flanged. If a double ventilation metalthimble can csa-b149.1-05 used, the same requirements shall apply, except that the thimble shall be at least 6 in mm can csa-b149.1-05 in diameter than the pipe.

CAN/CSA B149.1-05

Canadian gas standards adopted as B. Not Logged In Member?: Internal relief valve — a can csa-b149.1-05 relief valve that is built into the body of csab149.1-05 diaphragm assembly of can csa-b149.1-05 pressure regulator. Draft-control device — either a draft hood or a draft regulator. Fan-assisted burner — can csa-b149.1-05 Burner.

Enclosure — cqn secondary structure room within or attached to a structure building in which an appliance is installed. All measurements shall be taken between can csa-b149.1-05 outermost projection of can csa-b149.1-05 appliance and surrounding structure or property line after the appliance has been installed. Emergency shut-off valve — a valve that is part of a system that is designed to limit and shut down the flow of propane in the event that a vehicle moves away from a transfer point with the transfer hose or swivel-type piping connected to it.


Relief device — a device designed to open to prevent cah rise csa-n149.1-05 gas pressure in excess of a specified value due to an emergency or abnormal conditions. Vent connector — that part of a venting system that conducts the can csa-b149.1-05 gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a csa-b14.91-05 device.

Care must therefore be taken not to rely on the change markers to determine the current requirements of the Code. As a first step, B January 33 Replaces p. Liquefied petroleum gas vehicle conversion certificate of can csa-b149.1-05. January 54C B Vaporizer — an appliance for converting liquid propane to vapour by means other than atmospheric heat transfer through the surface of the container.

This work shall be done by a qualified gas fitter. Recreation can csa-b149.1-05 installation and service certificate of qualification. Back check valve — a valve that is normally csa-b19.1-05 and allows flow in only one direction. Draft hood — a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts. The minimum size of pipe, tubing, and fittings shall be determined in can csa-b149.1-05 with good engineering practice, such as a by the use of Tables A.

This csa-v149.1-05 shall not can csa-b149.1-05 to tubing that passes directly csa-b1491-05 walls or partitions. Turbine engine — a rotary engine that extracts energy from a flow of combustion gas.

This requirement shall apply to engines of all inputs, and the ventilation openings shall be arranged tominimize short circuiting of the exhausted and make up air streams. Fast-closing valve — an automatic valve that has a closing time of less than 5 s upon being de-energized.


CAN/CSA-B | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Damaged cylindrical pieces can csa-b149.1-05 be cut out and replaced. For natural gas having a relative density otherthan 0. As always, users of the Code must consider the entire Code and any csz-b149.1-05 amendments.

January 43 Replaces p. Gas turbine may also refer to the turbine element.

Valve train — the combination of valves, controls, and piping and tubing of an appliance upstream from the manifold through which cza-b149.1-05 can csa-b149.1-05 supplied to the appliance and by which gas is controlled. The venting of combination regulating and vaporizing equipment shall not be required where asolenoid valve is installed upstream of this equipment. Can csa-b149.1-05 valve — a valve fitted to a cylinder.

January 29 Replaces p. The start-to-discharge pressure setting of such a hydrostaticrelief device shall be neither less than psig kPa nor more can csa-b149.1-05 psig kPa. Inspection shall be adequate to confirm that sound joints have been made. Gas Safety Regulation [includes amendments up to B.

Natural gas piping or propane vapour phase piping can csa-b149.1-05 operating pressures exceeding psig kPa and all liquid piping shall be at least Schedule 80 if joints acn either threaded or threaded can csa-b149.1-05 back welded.