Canon has classified these various techni- Canon T80, is also equipped with autofocus . FD lenses can be used, but it is necessary to focus manual-. choosing a pictograph. This camera, the. Canon T80, is also equipped with autofocus. (AF) so professional-looking, artistic picture- taking is made all the easier. Here, you can find out about Canon’s Film Cameras > T > T

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The cameras are generally lighter in weight and more compact than a comparative features A model s.

If you don’t bother with the autofocus, what you’ve got is a mid-tier Canon T This was introduced inand uses a similar autofocus system to the T80’s lenses, with an integral autofocus motor. Standard Program This mode is also ideal for capturing fleeting photographic moments, instances where it is requiring extra-quick action canonn your part or to guide someone new in this medium to enjoy the ease of programmed phoitography. That’s harder than it might sound, since you have to have a clear light path to go through the prism and the canoon, so you can’t just stick a sensor in the middle of it where it would block the view.

Continuous shooting at 0.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A deep field of focus to emhrace many aspects. The T80 lasted about a year and became one of Canon ‘s interesting but failed experiments, like the AL-1 manyal the ExEE and various other things they’d tried over the years.

Canon T80 – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Five-program Picture Selector System The Canon T80’s has a friendly Picture Selector Systemmaking automatic exposure selection so easy to use – it nanual information in visual terms, in a way that you can readily understand.

  C8051F020 PDF

The motor got its instructions from the camera though electrical contacts on the camera mount. Since it was never designed with demanding professional use, the target clients of Canon T were generally advance amateurs or consumers who looks for simplicity in operation and a camera that allow one to concentrate on what you want to be done with not on how to do it. Second, raise the camera to your eye, get your subject in the viewfinder, and press the shutter button ,anual halfway t880 focus.

One of Canon’s strong points with janual FD lenses. But beneath its simplicity lies a full acnon of automatic functions – if you are lazy or don’t want to know too much about how to control exposure. This is a similar mechanism to that used in compact digital cameras. You can regard this mode as leaving everything to the camera’s circuitry to handle the task of light metering and even the autofocus and making it almost like an idiot proof SLR. Canon T80 Camera – Main Features. However, the T was basically based on the backbone of the T to develop and added with an autofocus ability.

Program display, pictographs, film speed, film transport, battery check, frame counter, and other indications. Three such camon were available: When focus is obtained an electronic beeper will verify thisthen just push the shutter button all the way down to take the picture.

The motor, and the camera’s other functions including the focusing motor in the lens, are powered by 4 AAA batteries housed in the base of the camera. It should be ideal for action capture requirement like sport, wildlife, children at play and others. Power Source Four 1. Lenses for autofocusing with the T80 were called AC lenses. When you choose the T80’s Shallow Focus mode, your chosen subject will be emphasized. All are readily identifiable by a boxy area on the upper left viewed from the camera containing the motor, and a red ring around the front lens element.


It’s a nice-enough camera but I think it’s safe to say I’ll never run a roll of film through it.

Canon T80 instruction manual (reprint)

When this area has the maximum contrast, the lens is in focus. Film transport cqnon the T80 is completely automatic, just as in the T70, in both directions. The autofocus lenses contain a motor, and electrical contacts in the lens mount connect this motor to the camera’s mankal. When a manual focus lens is used, the camera provides focus assistance in exactly the same manner as caon AL The T series bodies, differed from the A series – of which were best represented by models such as Canon A-1 and AE-1 Program – where both have a basic camera body, support by add-on accessories such as high speed motor drive, slower power winder, interchangeable focusing screens, data back etc, to fullfill individual’s photographic needs.

A Command Back 80 was available for the T Someone on Wikipedia wrote that this camera is rare, but I think it’s only comparitively so. Minolta introduced the Maxxum and blew the doors off everything else, including this camera, and took the market by storm.

The big problem was that the autofocus system just wasn’t that great.