Renowned pianist-composer, ragtime pioneer, and raconteur Eubie Blake was 91 years old at the time of this Great American Music Hall. Eubie Blake: So one day I was playing my mother’d gone out to work, see and what she was Look now, the “Charleston Rag,” you take the “Charleston Rag.”. Preview, buy and download songs from the album Eubie Blake: That’s Ragtime! He wrote his first rag, “The Charleston Rag,” in , spent years playing with.

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Louis, Missouri, and invited the Quartet to participate in “Ragtime It is eag fact that Eubie is much better known today than he was 35 years ago. Recordings An American Classic: Blake showed an early interest in music and began music studies at age seven. I mean why did she think it was. Retrieved 12 February — via Google Books.

His parents were both former slaves who migrated north and found work in Baltimore.

InAvis was diagnosed with tuberculosis. By the time the group left St. Blake’s “Waltz Marion” is a lovely number written for his wife of 29 years. But it also eubir a great deal to march music, especially the sort of quasi-military march music most famously associated with John Philip Sousa.

Eubie was the first black composer to find acceptance and success on Broadway and he certainly must be ranked among the finest writers of American popular song. His open pair of ears took in and digested much other music too: You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! During the mid-seventies Salvatore Andolina worked in Buffalo with Steven Radecke, a pianist who specializes in ragtime. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s Ragtime! Retrieved 1 June Retrieved February 8, They later incorporated many of the songs they had written together into a musical revue, Shuffle Alongwhich premiered in June and became the first hit musical on Broadway written by and about African-Americans.


In his later years, his willingness to travel, his ability to clearly recall events and people from 60 to 90 years before, and his openness and frankness not to mention his keyboard facility made him a national institution. If I had his money I wouldn’t be up here right now. Views Read Edit View history. And yet, in spite of his advanced age, he was still very much in command of his prodigious two-handed facility on the keyboard and still possessed a penchant for colorful storytelling that charmed audiences.

I’ve been lucky all my life: Blake and Tyler married in No, not the music, because from whence it came. The original inscription indicated his correct year of birth, but individuals close to him insisted that Blake be indulged and paid to have the inscription changed. It wasn’t until that Blake learned to write in musical notation, at which point he began documenting some of his earlier compositions like “The Charleston Rag.


Sneak out of the house and go get my long pants and put’em on, see.

Eubie Blake

Of his loss, Blake said, “In my life I never knew what it was to be alone. It was used in the show T he Chocolate D andies.

He’s got a pocket full of money. Go right out the alley and go across the street, get my long pants, put’em on, go up to Aggie Shelton’s to work. The following year Blake appeared, at age 96, as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Yes, wouldn’t let me play. Blake’s lawyer, Elliot Hoffman, said the composer died shortly charleton noon.

Miller and Aubrey Lyles.

Eubie Blake and Ragtime

Eubie was among the leaders of the second generation East Coast ragtime writers who were producing a more urban synthesis of that folk music form.

Can you remember when you were playing piano at Aggie Shelton’s, for instance?

Fizz Water and Chevy Chase both – Although these pieces established Blake’s fame as a composer, he still regrets selling these rags outright.