CMake: build system generator. CPack: package generator. CTest: systematic test driver. CDash: a dashboard collector. 3 / CMake tutorial. introductions and files to use CMake for building projects nice tutorial!!! struglling to get clean and simple understanding of. What is CMake? According to CMake’s creators, Kitware, CMake is an open- source cross platform build system. This is not completely accurate.

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Build behavior is defined in CMakeLists. Exception is, you did not give explanation of last CMakeLists. Get updates Get updates.

CMake by Example

If we wanted to use a different generator we pass it to cmake using the -G parameter:. Each only handles as much of the build as is present in the current directory. So clear and precise example. Have a question about the part about using the library: There are some useful tutorials linked on the CMake Wiki but most of them only cover very specific problems or are too basic. Define variables that the buildsystem will use in this directory, and in its subdirectories.


CMake knows several build types, which usually influence default compiler and linker parameters such as debugging information being created or alternative code paths.

Some generators like Visual Studio support multiple configurations. CMake will make sure to first build test before deutzch it to myapp. It also defines which subdirectories CMake should handle as well.

Home About Blackbelt Labs. Build a library or an executable out of some of the source files in this directory. Head over to CMake download page and get a binary for your operating system, e.

We also include our public header file into the install step and tell cmake to put it into include. Derek Molloy Thanks a ton deutdch sucha user friendly and simple tutorial! We can follow the same procedure in the above example to build our project. Now, we can use the library defined in CMakeLists.

Thank you very much!

Its a work in progress and I will try to continuously improve it. See the full list of CMake generators. Absolutely perfect for getting me started with cmake on hierarchical projects that use shared libraries.

Does this example work for windows also…i. Linking an existing static library commented out in tutlrial example does not seem to work. So I wrote this short CMake introduction as a distilled version of what I found out after working through the docs and following stackoverflow questions. And then each subdirectory would create a shared library where a main program would link to. People look for a build system to make it simpler.


There are series of commands and it is not clear what exactly they are doing. Have been following your blogs for years now.

Einführung in das Buildsystem Cmake

From being a student to a professional I still follow them many times as references. Keep up the awesome work, sir! It is just beyond my comprehension. To define a custom install directory we simply pass it to tuyorial. For single-config generators switching the configuration requires re-running CMake.

It helped me a lot. See it live on Coliru. Good information on cmake for begginers like me helped me a lot ,Thank you. Cmwke was really well explained. I followed the instructions and have an include, src, build and all the files.