Composite Providers are used to combine multiple InfoProviders using Join or Union operations. When you use SAP BW on HANA, one of the InfoProvider. Trying to figure out how SAP BW’s relatively new virtual InfoProviders . CompositeProvider / Composite Provider – How to assign your Source. SAP BW on HANA is nothing but SAP’s existing NetWeaver BW data warehouse, editors, e.g. for the composite provider or the new query designer (planned).

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Please help me here to get clarified. The sum of the measures in the HCPR is equal to the sum of the measures in the fact table 1.

After assigning your fields you should see some squiggly lines connecting your Source fields to your Target fields, like in Figure In Figure 3 we see the PartProviders we can select when we press Add:. On the right, we see the Target area that will contain all the Target fields after we assign the Source fields.

After you select CompositeProvider, you see the following screen:. Hierarchies and providre rules 22 Jan, This is especially important when you model an Inner Join as in our example. Open link in a new tab.

Blog PostsNewsTutorials. After adding the provider name, next will be the other provider which you need to join. Result of mapping Source fields to your Target.


If you see the message in Figure 10, the field cannot be used in a CompositeProvider:.

Creating a Composite Provider in SAP BW 7.3 on HANA

Notify me compositr follow-up comments by email. Running a query from BO Analysis. Hi Steven, Good questions! Together with Part I of this article, you are now equipped with the knowledge necessary to go virtual in BW!

Select Join Partner screen. With regards to joins: Custom color palette BI 4. How to assign your Source fields to a Target field. I hope you will continue to provide more such tutorials.

January 11, at Once you click a PartProvider on the left side of the Scenario Tab, it shows up in the Source section. However, you cannot union a PartProvider that you join see Figure June 16, at 1: I was actually holding my breath as I followed these directions.

Migrate your Composite Providers after upgrade BW7. If you have already modeled Calculation Views then using them directly in the CompositeProvider would be the preferred option if you do not want to do any further modeling based on the views in BW. Notify me of new posts by email. This web-service is running against a view and we are interested in logging the results.

SAP BW on HANA Composite Providers

Hierarchies and formatting rules. When you preview the composite provider you will find the data.


Maybe you recognize this square when you look at the datasources, 3. If there are fields in an InfoProvider, the fields can only be read sequentially: Hi Sid, I think that this solution has not been When you model with fields instead comoosite InfoObjects, these are the main performance penalties: The result of adding the joined fields to the Target The result is in Figure What can be the possible reason?

After clicking the right option, you end up at the following screen:. Well first of all: Then select the fields you want i. Left side of the Scenario Tab Furthermore, in the section on the left we can model a Join or a Union.

Manage logical grouping Grouping does not affect query performance, it only exists to organize the fields in a logical way. How to Join compoiste Union in the Scenario Tab. The first PartProvider you add should be based on transactional data, because you can union the first PartProvider you add as many times as necessary with sapp PartProviders.