From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys The Great Khan is dead—and his vast empire, forged through raw courage, tactical. The 4th novel in the bestselling Conqueror series, continuing the life and adventures of the mighty Khan dynasty. Genghis Khan is dead, but his legend and his. Empire of Silver (Conqueror) [Conn Iggulden] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The true villains are silfer despicable creatures, such as younger brother Temuge, who can’t draw a bow and are forced to make themselves useful by doing such menial things as reading, writing, and learning languages. The Great Khan is dead. This book was a continuation of the story of the people in Genghis Khan’s igguldej, but I wasn’t loving this one as much as I have the others. Open Preview See a Problem?

The story concentrates on that transitional em;ire between Genghis and Kublai as the remaining brothers, sons and grandsons fight and connive for the succession. Perhaps this was always likely to be The khan novels continue to be massively interesting, adding great plot to historical facts.

My review for the prequel: I remember starting this series and thinking to myself just how little information we usually get about the Eastern cultures trough our educational system.

This attempt fails and once Ogedai is confirmed, he sends his brother to conquer the south. It is still a superb read, and I commend it to you. Preview — Khan by Conn Iggulden.

I was super excited when I saw this book at our library and it was one of those books you read slowly because you don’t want to finish. View all 4 comments. There are events that took place during his reign that truly did shape the world, such as, the invasion of While not the best of the series I still enjoyed Empire of Silver, the fourth in this epic saga on the Mongolian Empire.


Honestly i haven’t found a writer yet that would impress me as much as Conn Iggulden when it comes to historical fiction. Plus the struggles that had to over come to survive and conquer. May 06, Mark Harrison rated it liked it. Altogether, I enjoyed my break from the Roman world. Decent addition to the Khan series dealing with the aftermath of Genghis’ death. Of course i would. Books by Conn Iggulden. In this Tsubodai caught a lot of cities and armies unprepared and he eliminated the battlefield advantage of those who outnumbered the Mongols by retreating and luring them into choke points of his choosing.

With the main character changing from Genghis to his sons, then his grandsons reinvigorates the series with the fresh personalities. I have enormous respect for those who still labour at the chalk-face.

Empire of Silver: Conn Iggulden: : Books

There is an unsuccessful attempt on his life on the eve of the oath-taking which will confirm his supreme position in the Mongol nation.

Although book 4 seemed like a empirr between Genghis book and Kublai book 5? Empire empure Silver Conqueror, Book 4 Author s: Sadly, Ogedai is ill. Although this series is clearly a group I simply love Conn Iggulden’s writing!

The Blood of Gods. There’s a good reason years later people still talk about slver. There is a fair share of savage brutality, and some of it is shocking, but you expect that by now, don’t you? Bones of the Hills: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Surely there is another book coming about Kublai Khan, the grandson of Ghengis.


Ended too soon and a little unresolved. A sprawling historical panorama about the all-conquering Mongolians. Ogedai is the new Khan, but only If I had read this book as a standalone, without its three predecessors, I think that I may have awarded it five stars. Only the death of off single man, resulting in the continuing struggle for an empire, saved Western Europe from utter destruction; according to Iggulden.

In a reign that lasted only twelve years he built a city and from it sent out armies to conquer half a world.

As he checks his neck, he feels the hot blood pouring out of his body. Empire of Silver Conqueror Author s: I think Empire of Silver was the weakest in the series however due to a couple reasons. The introduction of Karakorum is an interesting one, iggulddn the heir of Genghis Khan who hated cities so much would then want to build one is something nobody knows.

Dec 21, Mary Rose rated it liked it Shelves: Would i recommend this series? The scene is being set for intrigue and civil war. This is the fourth novel in the Conqueror series, continuing the saga of the Khan dynasty.

Empire of Silver

To ask other readers questions about Khanplease sign up. Every page reeks of mutton lard, and off filled with hard-faced Mongol generals putting peaceful merchants to the sword and stealing their wives, whilst quaffing airag from goatskins. Tsubodai wishes to extend the Mongol empire all the way to the Atlantic.