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And yet, from the Galen is a Valaran who has been forced to choose between imprisonment and being sent into another solar system to colonize a new planet. This is not your typical aliens invade earth, they just invade the solar system.

Where can i read Conquest : Earth by Angelique Anjou online? its an ebook…?

As a late blooming Trekkie, science fiction and fantasy are the tales she cut her teeth on, and the genres, next to romance, that are most dear to her heart. Instead he looks to the third planet in that solar system and lands his scout ship into the peach orchard of Bree Denton, one pissed off and beautiful human who is offended by the ship in her orchard, the military taking over her land and the fact she doesn’t have pants on and no one will allow her into her home to get any on.

Once Galen sees Bree he claims the angeoique human with beguiling mammaries as his own. I totally scored with this book. Apr 10, Kristy rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about eartj problem.

Lists with This Book. Bree is an ordinary girl in farm belt America when an alien pod descends on her farmhouse and starts dismantling it. On Bree’s side though she is looking at a big beautifully built creature with beautiful wings who can’t speak her language but looks like he wants to take coquest taste of her about as much as she wants a nibble of him. Jun 21, laaddis rated it really liked it Shelves: A banished prince from far, far away He hadn’t expected to be caught in a poacher’s snare-or to become a ‘pet’ to the young woman who found him.


Conquest Earth; Prince Galen by Angelique Anjou

The usual Kaitlyn O’Connor space romance – fun if you like her writing. Oct 30, Ms. It does not matter how “gentle” they were are if your body responds. I enjoyed the last part the best. Scarlet rated it really liked it Nov 01, Still smiling This book was very interesting. Trapped in a world where females come ‘in season’ and male dragons battle to claim their mates, Khalia Peterson realizes very quickly that this can be a very dangerous world for a human, or at least half-human, female who knows no season There’s the usual endless back-and-forth babbling in the characters’ minds, the second guessing of everything, the ignoring of obvious signs, and the usual bitchy women and political and atheistic rantings that we all know feature in basically all of her books.

Galen, which is the least name from a galaxy far, far, away name you could come up with, is really kinda like a sweet jackass who thinks with his dick–which seems to be a universal male trait. Susan Marie rated it really liked it May 16, I love heroes with wings. It was a unique story with aliens and earthlings. A good example of how cultures and lack of communication can cause misunderstandings and unease.

The story is very fictional with as many “That wouldn’t happen moments” as Rambo and Armageddon but I am telling you that for the few seconds it bristled I enjoyed the simple science fiction of it all and the idea of the interspecies confusion and “Mars needs women” aspect. In the meanwhile, she had an oppo They don’t understand each other so the two points of view help in understanding the characters thoughts and feelings. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Conquest Earth; Prince Galen

This book really caught my attention. I would understand if it were the beginning conqusst a series, but it is supposed to be a stand alone.

She reasoned that their own colony wasn’t far and someone was bound to come look for them and free them. She didn’t know what eaarth come over her, but there was no way in hell she was simply going to accept that If someone puts you in a situation where you have no choice then it is rape. Elise knew she should’ve run the minute she set eyes on the cat-like alien, Ja-rael.

I liked this sci-fi romance. Tonya Price rated it it was ok Sep 21, This book contains forced seduction, public sex, frank language, adult situations, and graphic sexual encount A banished prince from far, far away Only thing his the planet he sent his scout to seems to have advanced anjlu and possess a higher intellect than he and his crew assumed and his scout and his woman were being greeted by force.