Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Book Review- Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace. Title: Descended by Blood. Author: Angeline Kace. Series: A Vampire Born trilogy #1. : Descended by Blood: Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available. May not contain Access Codes or.

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Anyone who loves a good vampire or paranormal romance will not be left disappointed. The opening third was set up and romance, which to me felt slow and boring. Her best friend, Kaitlyn, is another character that I was drawn to. Interesting world-building and a nice take on the vampire genre, but I was never dragged into the story like I was expecting to be. I love this cover and it suits the book so well. Will she chose the right love?

Oh yeah, it is the best thing. I can’t figure out why she was included in their little gathering other than to provide Brooke with some female companionship. Review originally posted kce The Starry-Eyed Revue. Brooke Keller is a high school junior who has never spent much time living in one place.

Descended by Blood : Angeline Kace :

I am a very picky person with vampire books, a lot of vampire books I have read in the past, have not appealed all that much agneline me. He thinks he can just want her, and then not want her, and then want her again, all while expecting her to just take him back.


She calls her Abgeline, finds out she is half Pijawikan Vamp and she needs to go into hiding. Quickly exploring a side of herself she never even knew existed, Brooke is required to risk her life as well angelins those she loves the most.

Vampires typically seem very parasitic, drinking blood from their victims by force. Sure, I’m willing to suspend belief so I can follow three teenagers as they take off on a private jet and miss weeks of school to train at a secret military base funded by the government, but at least give me some witty snark and palpable bloof to be charmed by.

Kace could have done a good job in writing her book if it wasn’t rushed. Her mother tells her a little bit of information about herself that she has been keeping a secret. Who Am I Stalking? Seriously, the pacing of the narrative was brilliant.

Descended by Blood

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It all starts with Brooke and Kaitlynn being attacked by a mountain lion. Of course, she then finds out she needs training because her life is at risk, given half-human half-pijawika are forbidden, especially the variety who have very important parents.

Despite that she ends up with the hot guy who turns out to be It was unlike any other vampire book I have read which was really refreshing. She’s naive and it seems as the world revolves around her.


I also didn’t see Jaren as an important character — it seemed like he was descenved there to end the book This book was SO kade to going on my ‘Abandoned’ shelf, but I forced myself to finish it because I don’t like to give up on books. After finding out her true nature, Brooke, her best friend Kaitlynn and her boyfriend Jaren are all whisked away into hiding. By that point she had been attacked more than once and Kaitlynn had been held hostage albeit briefly.

To view it, click here. They were so much fun and totally the perfect pair Likewise, this book reminds me of another vampire book I’ve read with poor writing. He caught me under my arms and lifted me in the air, spinning me in a tight embrace.

Working for the Mandroid

There was some action, some adventure, and of course the romance. I hate writing bad reviews. The two guys that been wanting her seems to put me off.

Her self-defense gets a little over the top and Brooke kills the deescended. I thought Descended by Blood was a very good book, full of action, suspense and good characters.