The Robbers, drama in five acts by Friedrich Schiller, published in and produced in as Die Räuber. Set in 16th-century Germany, The Robbers. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Robbers, by Friedrich Schiller This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. A similar event provokes the action of Schiller’s Die Räuber, The Robbers (), although in this case, Karl von Moor is slandered by his own jealous brother.

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Metzler,pp. In what, then consists the sacredness of paternity?

What happens to the band of robbers? The play is referred to in Dostoyevsky ‘s The Brothers Karamazov. Remarkably, Schiller oversaw a massively successful premier of this play while still enrolled at the academy, which is sort of funny to consider– this play’s ideas about personal responsibility and especially sex and gender are sometimes so stunted and juvenile it’s hard to imagine the enraptured, theater-going adult.

Pasan cosas, bla bla, y Karl luego recibe noticias de su amada, va a su castillo y se entera de los viles planes de su hermano Want to Read saving…. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It was not until when Offenbach’s parody Les brigands was staged that Europe’s authors finally decided that it was time to move on and look for new sources of inspiration. Still, some wonderful moments, and I wish I could have been there in the theatre in the s when it reduced grown ups to tears and inspired hoards of young literate men to become bandits.


Karl has plans of coming back home and hopes that his father will forgive him for his indiscretions.

They were insightful and profound. Can I acknowledge an affection which is not based on any personal regard?

Karl and Amalia embrace but they are separated by the robbers who remind Karl that he swore an oath never to forsake them. Aweful required school reading back in the day.

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Kosinsky wants to join their band and tells his story: Schweitzer and the robbers seize the castle and set it on fire. Karl is a notable creation, but, for my money, Moritz Spiegelberg is the most interesting character in this play. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. The ending of the story is interesting — not the regular good-guys-win-and-the-bad-guys-die kind of ending, but one which is more complex than that.

Heterodoxy in German Literature, London: William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered…. He also conducts a complicated inquiry into the nature of evil.

Am I to be thankful to him that I am a man? This is pretty nihilistic stuff, but it does make for page-turning reading because you definitely don’t see it coming and I was surprised by how much Schiller defied expectations. Do Karl and Amalia get married?


En “Los bandidos”, es como si hubiera dos obras en una.

Schiller: Die Rauber (German Texts) Friedrich Schiller: Bristol Classical Press

Why are his plays suddenly back in favour, asks Michael Billington”. Siempre digo que no me gusta el teatro, pero cada vez que leo una obra muy de vez en cuando me termina gustando, y mucho. The other strangeness raubsr this play is that Schiller up-ends our expectations, set by Shakespeare and other classic tragedians, of finding our initial assessments of the characters refuted; where innocence is rewarded and guilt is punished, the wicked are always stained and the good are always pure, and love wins in the end.

The plot revolves around the conflict between two aristocratic brothers, Karl and Franz Moor. I will leave you with one of my favourite passages from the play. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: After this initial failure, he spends the rest of the play quietly and unhappily lurking about, a sour and faintly humorous element of life in the robber band.

Y es que en mis escasos conocimientos de esta literatura, Schiller se ha convertido en uno de mis escritores favoritos. Karl is about to leave her schller Amalia begs him to kill her.