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The main focus of this paper will be on the translations pjubavi Arabic literature from Arabic and via other languages.

Likewise, a proper training can be applied only after one has already mastered the language and not while still struggling with it.

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim – PDF Free Download

On the other hand, we found that Russian readers had the opportunity to read his works since ! This paper will also try to shed some light on this phenomenon as we see that it is directly related to the overall trends and circumstances in the field of publishing and translations in general. Given all previously said, we find it quite challenging to discuss major phases in Arabic translation tradition in Serbia.

These translations also prompt us that there is a constant interest of the public and publishing houses.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

We are not able to ibbn exact figures for the dynamics of book sale, but it is quite clear that direct translations from Arabic rarely live the second edition, and the third has so far been pure science fiction. El- Kelimeh, Beograd: Religious works are mostly printed in very small numbers, usually uvodjdnje more than copies, and they are mostly distributed in the area inhabited mostly by Muslims.


For example, one should not gain a false idea that religious texts were seldom published before the transition and disintegration.

This is a paradox of its kind, given the importance of the names that appear among the translated authors who write in Arabic. Why would someone turn to translating via intermediary language if the translators for Arabic already exist and actively participate in the translation business? As for the single volume books, which are the core of this research, of them were translated and published from Arabic to Serbian. Comparing the two forms, the prose was significantly more ljuvavi published both as single volume monographs and as article or a component part than poetry.

The second was by Dragana Kujovic, The Nights of Nightsand the third and last was published to commemorate his death in with a collection of short stories The Stories of Our Alleytranslated by Miroslav B. That leaves them either to buy among the modest choice of books at newsstands, to travel to a larger and better supplied city, or to buy on the internet. Unfortunately, due to some financial difficulties of the publisher, the publishing of these books has been delayed.

It did not have any impact on Serbian market, nor was it properly explained and analyzed by the experts. As it had to be expected, Egyptian and Syrian prose are the best presented literatures of the Arab world in Serbia.

Very often, if a larger event has occurred, the translation gets news coverage. The most translated authors are Khalil Jubran 32 times, repeated editions includedAmin Maaluf 10 times, repeated editions includedAlbert Ljubai 3 timesand Fatima Mernissi9 3 times, repeated editions included.


Libraries, if present, are not well supplied.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

Modern period refers to the phase between early nineties till today. HOW it gets translated? Saadawy, 4th edition] We find it is best to propose here a ternary chronological classification: If there was any other even remotely artistic justification we presume that the first novel would not be advertised as the Arabic Sex and the City!

And that payment, we are also speaking from our experience, covers everything: Whether we were to analyze the whole 22 years or just the last 12 years due to the exceptional circumstances in the country, our conclusion would be the zaljublhenih As for the poetry, both single volumes and component parts that were published during the two decades, concentrate mostly on the contemporary Iraqi, Palestinian, Lebanese, Libyan, Syrian and Egyptian poetry.

We shall seize here the opportunity to make certain remarks concerning uvodenje phenomenon, i. Click here to sign up. U ime Allaha Milostivog Samilosnog.

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

YU-Green Way, Beograd: The more effort is made in that direction, the larger is the presence in electronic media. We must not forget that academic environment is usually the main source of building educated translators, literary and non- literary ones.

Gibran, 2nd edition] In Chart 4 we have presented both number and type of direct Arabic translations that have appeared since until August