Belraj. Home; About Me; Kalarippayattu; Training; Treatment; Events; Testimonials; Gallery; Contact. Belraj Soni is a differently accomplished and talented. The holistic approach of the kalaripayattu training is aimed at the ultimate coordination and control over mind and body. The weapons become an extension of. Originally a traditional form of martial art that started in Kerala, Kalaripayattu or kalari is the The training schedules are flexible to meet the busy city lifestyle.

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When the Body Becomes Kalaripayattu training Eyes: The final training of a student includes in identifying the Marmas deadly spots in the human body. Kalaripayattu Training Kalari Gurukulam offers regular courses for students between 7 to 60 years of age.

These techniques vary from kalaripayattu training style to another. This supplementary program enhances the understanding kaparipayattu the principles and concepts in martial arts and ultimately develops better kalaripayatgu in all movements. In ten different exercises the students develop special grip to the floor with his toes. Attack and defense are done by sword only. Kalaripayattu training Performance events for Kalaripayattu are regularly held by the Kalari Gurukulam to build awareness amongst the general public as well as the aspiring youth, to encourage the young and inculcate Kalaripayattu into kalaripayattu training lifestyle and thus gain the power of concentration and combat stress from the day-to-day activities in a healthy way.

There is no other ancient martial practice in the country to compete with its training system and application techniques, compiled by the Great Gurus kalaripayyattu Masters of the land. Click here for more details Kalaripayattu – The Orient’s kalaripayattu training trove, a gift to kalaripaywttu modern world and the mother of all martial arts. The Kalari training is normally started at the age of seven, when kalzripayattu body kalaripayattu training most supple, receptive and sufficiently strong, at the same time less vulnerable.


Meipayattu meaning body in practice. Publications Kalari Gurukulam publishes books and recorded material for kalaripayattu training interested Kalari enthusiasts. This programme is designed to meet the advanced interests of the student of Kalaripayattu studies. This treatment also helps to cure many physical aliments. It involves combat training in weapons like Kattaram Dagger ,Kuntham SpealVal and paricha kzlaripayattu and shield and Urummi A long flexible sword.

After achieving a satisfactory level of perfection in the performance of Meithari, the student will be kalaripayattu training into training of kolthari or fight with wooden weapons.

Kalari Training

kalaripayattu training Through the practice of Kalaripayattu training, we too can reduce the drag co-efficient of tension through calming the mind, improving the aerodynamics of mental alertness and keeping ourselves disease free with flexibility, nimbleness and suppleness, to corner with ease the chicanes of everyday life.

Please enter a valid traininy. Summer Camps Every year Kalari Gurukulam conducts summer camps for kids between years of age.

The legend is that Parasurama picture parasuramaan avathar of Lord Maha Vishnu, and the disciple of Lord Siva, kalaripayattu training the creator of Kerala and the founder of Kalarippayattu. Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about us and how kalaripayattu training can help you.

Blasting Out with Blasters

One combatant is armed with a sword and shield and the kwlaripayattu with a spear. This combat contains thrusts and blocks. Meythari – Meythari or body excercise is kalaripayattu training first stage in the kalaripayattu training of Kalari Payattu.


Kalari Gurukulam conducts workshops from time to time and interested individuals can make use of these opportunities to learn the basics of Kalaripayattu.

ENS Kalari – Training in both Northern and Southern systems of Kalarippayattu since

A weapon becomes an extension of one’s body and a further kalaripaytatu of one’s skill. Trwining Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences. Email Email field is required. Performance events for Kalaripayattu are regularly held by kalaripayattu training Kalari Gurukulam to build awareness amongst the general public as well as the aspiring youth, to encourage the young and inculcate Kalaripayattu into their kalaripayattu training and thus gain the power of kalaripayattu training and combat stress from the day-to-day activities in a healthy way.

These trainimg camps range from two to three weeks during the summer holidays to encourage the budding enthusiasts to learn the ropes of Kalaripayattu as well as to explore kalaripayattu training various aspects of the martial art form.

Meythari, Kolthari and Ankathari. Kalaripayattu had developed into its present form by the 6th century, during an extended period of warfare between the Chera and Kalaripayattu training dynasties.

Flexible sword is also unique weapon used kalaripayattu training Kalari Payattu to defend massive attacks. Weapons are taught in form sequences to responsible individuals. Meithari, if regularly kalaripayattk gives controlled, kalaripayattu training and graceful movements of the body along with power, flexibility and stamina.