LA PAZ PERPETUA. Juan Mayorga; Sala Petita; al «The person who wants to hit you smells different to the one who will caress you.» Odín. La paz perpetua. Front Cover. Juan Mayorga. Krk, Bibliographic information. QR code for La paz perpetua Author, Juan Mayorga. Publisher, Krk,

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Even if the man is guilty, the Human Being asks them, might torturing him bring them down to his level? But he is highly intelligent, and has a very personal reason for wanting to join K7. In this test each dog answers questions about themselves. The dogs start to bark, and juah is a suggestion that they are all shot.

La paz perpetua

Critics draw parallels between the play and its Spanish context. Odin is quizzed about his shady employment history. At the end of the play, John-John and Odin proceed towards the room holding the prisoner.

In a locked room, three dogs awake from a drugged sleep. In his absence, Odin tries to win Immanuel over, suggesting that they join forces to eliminate John-John from jayorga competition. He is used to following orders, not making his own decisions. You must be logged in to post a comment.


La paz perpetua

From over dogs who applied, only these three have made the final round in the competition to join the elite K7 counterterrorism squad. Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Immanuel resorts to philosophical reasoning to argue that torture is never acceptable.

Will it be John-John, the cross-breed, trained to follow orders and not ask questions? Please log in or sign up for a free account. Debates that are all around us — for example, the possible reintroduction of torture. Perppetua, Mayorga states that the play is deliberately non-culturally specific. Here, I try to imagine how he would respond in our context, where the threat of terrorism leads us into moral debates that, ten years ago, we would never have even considered.

They must all take one final test.

It is a questionnaire about terrorism. As they near the end of the selection process, Cassius announces that the competition is too close. Firstly, the dogs must sniff out a scent trail. Mateo, Nieves and Ladra, David. Tragically, Isabel was blown up in a terrorist attack. La paz perpetua Perpetual Peace has received matorga critical acclaim.

Nonchalantly, the Rottweiler admits he is a mercenary, available for hire to the highest bidder.

They kill him after perpeetua tries to prevent them from torturing the prisoner. Immanuel, meanwhile, wonders if they are being watched and if their interactions are being assessed as part of the test. They are held back by the Human Being, who wants to hear what Immanuel has to say. Odin is more successful at winning John-John over, telling the impulsive cross-breed that Immanuel thinks he is stupid.


Immanuel admits to killing a previous owner, who consistently mistreated him.

Odin, the street-smart Rottweiler, is an extraordinary sniffer dog. Even if the man turns out to be innocent, it is only he who will have suffered. John-John is a fierce and impulsive cross-breed, already skilled in counterterrorism. Only one dog can earn the right to wear their famous white collar. ,ayorga

He dies for his beliefs; John-John and Odin have killed for theirs. He tells them there is only one place available in K7. I love Kant […] For me he is the best example of an enlightened philosopher.