26 May PROTECTION OF WESTERN GHATS AND GADGIL REPORT Madhav Gadgil, Submitted to ‘The Ministry of Environment and Forests. Madhav Gadgil), which is formally known as Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), submitted its report to concerned authorities in August In the. 31 Aug Report of the WGEEP iii. Panel Members. Prof. Madhav Gadgil. Chairman. Shri B.J. Krishnan. Member. Dr. K.N. Ganeshaiah. Member. Dr. V.S.

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Gallery Chaminda Vaas to Trent Boult: As you all know, the need of the hour is sustainable development. EPW looks forward to your comments.

Extensive quarrying, forest land acquisitions are reasons for the recent calamity. Facebook friend from Madurai cheats Coimbatore teacher with marriage promise.

Editorial – edit epw. Birth control Family planning Control Overpopulation Zero growth.

Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel : A Play in Five Acts | Economic and Political Weekly

The lobby told the people that the report was against farmers and they would have to leave the area. Speaking to various regional media, Madhav Gadgil has said that irresponsible environmental policy is to be blamed for the recent floods rfport landslides in Kerala. Roughly 37 per cent of the total area defined as the boundary of the Western Ghats is ecologically sensitive.

Instead of the total area of Western Ghats, only 37 per cent i. How Kerala population density compares with rest of India. He said the scale of the disaster would have been smaller had the state government and local authorities followed environmental laws. And it is in this background that another committee was appointed to study Gadgil Report, review and suggest measures for implementation.


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In particular, Gadgil pointed to the increasing stone quarrying activity in Kerala, along with largescale construction. The same happened with both these reports.

Please note that this is not a research paper. Written By Rajanya Bose. Click this link and hit ‘Click to Subscribe’. After protracted consultations with the state governments, the Environment Ministry last year notified some 57, sq km of the Western Ghats as an ecologically sensitive area, in which all mining activities, large constructions, thermal power plants, and highly polluting industries were banned.

Do You Like This Story? The 25 percent lowest priority areas would be marked as ESZ-3 to allow all developmental activities with precautions. Gadgil committee had eminent ecologists and their report too reflected that.

The member Working Group, headed by Planning Commission member Kasturirangan, has environmental experts and other professionals as its members. The Western Ghats needs high attention in the sustainability aspect of whole India and especially South India. Subscribers please login to access full text of the article.

As Kerala faces its worst floods in several decadesMadhav Gadgil, the author of a landmark report on the conservation of the Western Ghats created said that Kerala Floods are partly man-made. Gadgil said a major difference was that Kasturirangan panel made an ‘unconstitutional statement’ in his report, saying “that the local community in the hills cannot have any say in economic decision making.

The committee had suggested thatkilometres of the Western Ghats be classified in three zones as per the requirement of environmental protection in the areas. The panel said the government must utilise the awareness and the commitment of the people to the cause of environment, and so the government must involve them in the governance and development decision making.


That is a reduction of 17, sq km in the top priority segment.

Stone quarrying has become more and more rampant after that, and in the last few years it has exceeded all limits. It was not available for public discussion as expected by Gadgil committee members. To the notice of all future committees and commissions! All the comments will be ggadgil by the newindianexpress.

People realised they were going to be completely suppressed. By and large, they gave no special attention to water resources”, he said.

6 points made by Madhav Gadgil report that Centre ignored

Retrieved 1 November Western Ghats — Tehelka. Both of them were different concepts under different laws—the first under forest department and the latter under the district administration and pollution control board. Dr Kasturirangan is an old respected friend. PM Modi, Repot Gandhi set to kickstart poll campaign for first phase 18 mins ago.

He said giving sanction for a stone quarry was an economic decision, but the Kasturirangan panel said that the Gram Panchayat cannot object to it. Then the matter is taken to the Delhi high court and only when the court passed an order, the ministry released the report!