3 Feb Here is complete Last Chapter ‘Chotta Munh Bari Baat’ of Shahab Nama first time on internet Chotta Munh Bari Baat, Last Chapter of Shahab. The last chapter of Shahab Nama “Chota Munh Bri Baat”. The last chapter of Shahab Nama “Chota Munh Bri Baat”. Qudrat Ullah Shahab is on Facebook. To connect with Qudrat Ullah Shahab, join Facebook today. Join.

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Is there any point with such a prayer?

It’s a pity that this book never translated in English. Mumtaz Mufti made him the subject of his autobiography Alakh Nagri and later dedicated another book Labbaik. Then there are others who regard it as a necessary condition shagab success in this world and the next. Want to Read Chater Reading Read. Once there, he found himself the owner of a plot in Islamabad on which he built a house with money pouring in from mysterious sources.

Shahabnama / شہاب نامہ

Is this in Shahab nama? Although writer has covered history portion and perhaps it is most authentic nam regarding history of that time but still it is an autobiography. List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers. For many Shahab sahib has been an inspiration. Islam was never intended to be simplistic. The most honest autobiography ever written.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In an autobiography that is unputable, with an exception of last few chapters, Shahab describes his journey from a jovial nxma boy to a mature secretary at President’s house. Related This entry was posted in Qudrat Ullah Shahab.


Give him room to love some girl at his youth as well. Shahab’s ability to get graphic is quiet commendable. Our level of sincerity varies according to laast interest and intention we cherish. I read that book then and i have been reading it after that for so many times. About The Author SK.

Shahabnama / شہاب نامہ by Qudratullah Shahab

Mufti, too, under the shxhab of Freud shared cbapter sensibility. Still i read and and try to grab something out of it that can guide me or thats for me. The verse were an open invitation to me and others like me to return through the door of repentance and it seemed that there being placed in such a blessed place made their effect even more potent, rather like an invisible electric current sending beneficial shocks to sahab system.

Apart from his religious journey and his fight with wandering spirit in Government banglow, he has served the purpose of describing political philosophy which works behind state machinery. There is suspicion that healthy babies are deformed and sold for begging Because of this there is deep suspicion that the legend of Shah Dola has in fact been fabricated to trick ordinary people into handing over perfectly healthy babies.

So it would be essential to visit mazars regularly and learn the proper method of attending the mazars. I think a number of people did believe in Sufism in our society, however, coming in from the top most madarian of the day came as at a bit of shock for the intelligenisia. But some of the people did not comment on him because they did not know about him.

A Qalandar and a Scholar at the same time. For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put all their trust in shahaab Lord; 8: You have to cut and paste Quran and Hadith if you talk of Islam and if you talk of Islam then these are the only sources of Islam.


Secondly things related to spiritual phenomena and disclosures which they experience are strictly personal and if made public would not be understood by others not be of any benefit to them. Similarly the light of faith becomes smeared in some people through sin but the moment they repent that light will begin to shine again.

Gauhar being an intelligent man himself, felt what was going on in my mind. One of the Best Autobiography i ever Read.

A little educated sarangi player, Ustad Khamiso Khan, while discussing the issue said that trying to educate these boys would be an exercise in futility. In worldly affairs rasukh usually means to get something done through the influence of others but in the deen this refers capter something different.

Yet to call him kaffir etc would be ignorant. Their value as beggars is therefore enormous. On one sahhab, he spoke to me. Shahab was a man of Allah. Unarguably the most amazing autobiographies I’ve ever read.