Lyric of tamil song Shyamala Dandakam from tamil movie SHYAMALA DANDAKAM in english. 17 Jul Translation in to english of Hindu Prayers written in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by him Shyamala Dandakam is supposed to be the first prayer of this wood cutter. Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by him eulogizing the mother goddess –Shyamala. He has employed a poetic style called Dandakam.

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Victory to the Divine Mother who is one without a second, whose compassion is always ascendant and whose both hands surpass the beauty of the hamil lotus in the early morning.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by the people and whose beauty is enhanced by the dark blue locks which are smooth and which are illumined by the rays from the crescent moon shyamalw her forehead. You are propitiated by the wives of devas who desire for themselves all the good things in life.

Kadambha is tree called Nauclea cadamba. Definitely would love to receive your help.

Sri Shyamala Dandakam (Tamil)

O Damdakam Mother of the Worlds who has four hands, whose head is adorned with the crescent moon, who has a full bosom, who has a complexion red as kukum and who carries in her hands a bow of sugarcane, arrows of flowers, the rope and the ankusa goadmy prostrations before you.

If he meditates on you as having a red complexion, all men and women will be under his tamll.

You are worshipped by groups of yakshas, gandharvas and shiddhas. This a kind of article that every Hindu should preserve and forward to likeminded. Victory to the Divine Mother who carries the beautiful veena, whose lips are red like the ripe bimba fruit and whose dandakamm shine like jasmine buds and the red of her lips mixes with the pure white of her teeth when she smiles.


It is the biginning and end of our existence on earth. Grateful for the sloka with meaning. Shyamala dandakam – According to this theory career might have extended reign of Kumaragupta. I first learned about Raja Matangi from the book Sree Paadha Shree Vallabha Charitramrutam where couples worship to be blessed with Happy married life. Victory to the Divine Mother whose speech is sweet and who is adorned with dark hair around the deep and round navel which makes one think of a lake with moss on its banks.

Victory to the one who is fond of the playful parrot. Victory to the Divine Mother who showers wealth on those serving her, whose bosom is adorned by several gold chains studded with diamonds resembling a cluster of stars and who is slightly bent because of the weight of the breasts and who has wave-like folds in the middle which further enhance the beauty of what is already an diamond mine or ocean of beauty.

Chandran made the Tamil movie Mahakavi Kalidas based on sa life. Victory to the Divine Mother before whom bow down Indra, Vishnu, Siva, the lokapalas, Brahma, Yama, the Asura King, Kubera, Vayu, Agni and daandakam feet, adorned with red laksharasa and caressed by Lakshmi, shine like the light of the rising sun by the rays of manikya in the crowns of the celestials bowing down.

Before Ghantasala found fame he was already accomplished Carnatic music singer. Victory to the Divine Mother before whom bows Indra, who is effulgent consciousness, whose ear-globes shine and whose nails give the impression of the orb of the rising moon, the diamond-studded rings on her fingers giving out bright red rays creating the impression of evening twilight period sayam sandhya.

Victory to the one who has the complexion of the dark blue lily. You are worshipped by Dandaakam who very much likes gitavidya the fine art of music. Thespian goes down memory lane. Victory to the Divine Mother whose face is lighted up by a beautiful smile, whose mouth is fragrant with betel leaf areca nut and camphor pieces, who sports the gnana mudra on her hand, who showers riches on her devotees and dandakkam hands are beautiful and soft like the lotus.


Shyamala Dandakam –

Brahma sings your praises with deep devotion. Victory the daughter tamll Mathanga her who resembles Neelothphala flowers enjoys music likes playful parrot.

Log in to Reply. Victory to the Divine Mother who is Kali, who is the soul of all mantras and all psychic powers and the pearl on whose nose-stud gives the impression that it is a drop oozing from the beauty of her forehead with beads of perspiration glistening on it. You bless your devotees with material and spiritual welfare. His works cannot be dated with precision but they were most likely authored within thth century OmJai.

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You would find this post useful http meaningof wordom Reply Pointer Men Basketball says October at pm Maybe should edit the subject title Sanskrit Shlokas that every Hindu preserve and know SpeakBindas more generic for your blog create. You mollycoddle and play with the parrot which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps telling interesting stories, which has on its neck three lines of different colours, which has two pretty dark green wings and whose beak surpasses the kimshuka flower in its red colour.

If you want to know how make extra bucks search for Mrdalekjd methods Reply Leave Cancel Your email address will not be published. Victory to the Divine Mother who is resplendent and pure and whose toe nails are brilliant and who is surrounded by deer which are attracted by the dark smooth locks of the consorts of the presiding deities of the eight quarters who bow down at her feet.