3 Jun Introducción a los conceptos de la bioenrgetica Estructuras de carácter rígido oral masoquista psicópata esquizoide. 3 Dec This is “TESTEO [Teaser]” by Vértebro on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Viernes 08 de diciembre, taller de iniciación a la kinesiología. Ven a aprender el testeo muscular que permite acceder a la memoria celular. Gracias a la.

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All the authors declared there is not any potential conflict of interests regarding this article. These results are in agreement with findings by Cronin and Henderson 7who verified temporal differences for the familiarization to the 1-RM test in bench press and squat exercises that, according to the authors, could be attributed to differences in the size of the agonistic muscular groups involved in the execution of each one of these exercises, or even to the different complexity levels of the execution techniques.

It is worth mentioning that this pattern was observed in all exercises investigated. Stature, recumbent length, and weight. It is worth emphasizing that the execution form and technique of each exercise was standardized and continuously monitored in the attempt of assuring the quality of information. Effects of three resistance training programs on muscular strength and absolute and relative endurance. Am J Phys Med ; How to cite this article.

Neural adaptations with chronic physical activity. These numbers were higher than those found in the present study, which indicated the need of only two sessions of 1-RM tests for the arm curl and three sessions for the bench press and squat.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Med Sci Sports Exerc ; However, recent studies have indicated significant increases on the muscular strength in 1-RM tests in young men and women as well as in elderly women without previous or late experience with weightlifting Among the several training means for the development of the muscular strength, the weightlifting is emphasized. Data were initially treated based on descriptive procedures and the information was processed in the Statistica version 5.


Effects of single vs.

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The body composition was determined through the skinfolds thickness technique. The test-retest coefficient exceeded 0.

Relationship between training volume, physical performance capacity, and serum hormone concentrations during prolonged training in elite weight lifters. Such procedure was repeated again in a third and ultimate attempt in case the load corresponding to a single maximum repetition had not yet been established.

El Testeo Muscular: Un Webinar Con Mary Ruiz – |

The testing was initiated two minutes after warm-up session. The results suggest, for an adequate evaluation of the muscular strength of young adult men with previous experience with weightlifting, at least three familiarization sessions in 1-RM tests for bench press and squat exercises and two sessions for arm curl.

Statistical treatment Data were initially treated based on descriptive procedures and the information was processed in the Statistica version 5. The results of this study yet indicated a similar temporal pattern for the familiarization to the 1-RM test in exercises involving large muscular groups bench press and squatunlike that observed in the arm curl that involves smaller muscular groups.

However, the number of familiarization sessions required for the loads stabilization was lower in young women when compared with elderly women andrespectively. Adaptations in coactivation after isometric resistance training.

Taller de Testeo Muscular

Table 1 presents the description of the physical characteristics of the subjects investigated. The results found enabled the corroboration of the moments in which the loads stabilization was verified in all exercises studied figures Probably, if the exercises were not familiar to the subjects investigated, the responses could have been differentiated.

The importance of familiarization sessions for the attainment of more accurate results in the 1-RM tests has been recently myscular in other studies Although the use of maximum repetition tests 1-RM is frequent for assessment of the muscular strength, one believes that the results obtained may be affected by the lack of previous muscylar, even in skilled subjects in exercises with weights.

In this context, the Bland and Altman 15 plotting was used in the present study, once it is a statistical resource that allows the analysis of concordance between measures obtained in the different 1-RM tests sessions.


Ttesteo for measuring body composition. Besides, when the exercises to be tested involve large muscular groups, muscula longer familiarization period seems to be necessary when compared to exercises involving small muscular groups.

Figures 12 and 3 present the plotting proposed by Bland and Altman 15 for the verification of concordance between the measures obtained in sessions in which the loads stabilization process was statistically configured.

Influence of maturation on relationship of skinfolds to body density: It was verified in all exercises studied that the average difference central line and the space comprised between the concordance limits upper and lower lines were relatively small, umscular all when analyzed based on other paired comparisons table 3. Such measures were performed by a single appraiser who used a scientific skinfold caliper label Langeaccording to techniques described by Slaughter et al.

Influence of familiarization process on muscular strength assessment in 1-RM tests

Exer Sports Sci Rev ;1: Besides, the subjects performed the tests at the same period of the day morning, afternoon or evening and were kept off the practice of physical exercises during the experimental period. Orientation and familiarization to 1RM strength testing in old and young women. The concordance limit between the familiarization sessions where the supposed stabilization of the muscular strength occurred in each one of the three exercises investigated was analyzed by means of the procedures proposed by Bland and Altman Acta Physiol Scand ; The results of the present study indicated significant increases musculwr the muscular strength between different sessions of 1-RM tests in exercises bench press, squat and arm curl in subjects with previous experience with weight exercises.

Although there are no consistent information on the mechanisms responsible for the increase on the muscular strength in 1-RM muscu,ar tests, one believes that the mechanisms involved are similar to those verified in the initial weightlifting sessions, such as: