The STRAL ODY AND OTHERASTRAL PHENOMENA A.E. POWELL THE ASTRAL BODY By the same Author in this series The Etheric Double The Mental . The Astral Body has 88 ratings and 9 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined infor. The Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena by Powell, Arthur E. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

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They are utterly unsuited to the finer type of nervous organisation. The roar of a lion is also visible in higher matter and it is possible that some wild creatures are able to see it clairvoyantly, thus adding to their terror.

Open Preview See a Problem? In the mental body, ambition is very readily aroused, and soon swells to an incredibly inordinate degree. As a Master has written: Only the most base and lonesome people go there, by default of the astral body powell choice in maintaining a coarse, and low vibration. The result of evil is stored in the astral and mental permanent atoms: According to the book, depending on your temperament, and personality type, you will naturally migrate to one of these sub levels.

Blavatsky were not used because the author said that the necessary research in The Secret Doctrine and other writings would have been too the astral body powell a task for him to undertake.

These entities consist of artificial elementals, given birth to by the thoughts and desires of men, and also of depraved men imprisoned in their astral bodies, known as elementaries see p. Beyond that the heaven 5th dimension world begins.

Full text of “The Astral Body and other astral phenomena ()”

The astral body powell a general principle, the energy of a selfish thought a 8 24 moves in a closed curve, and thus inevitably returns 1 L 1 7. Occasionally they are, of course, almost a necessity, in certain diseases: Colour is determined by the quality of the thought or emotion.

The mental activities have the most far-reaching effects on the astral body for two reasons: Clearness of Outline is the astral body powell by the definiteness of the thought or emotion.


A child’s laughter bubbles forth in rosy curves: Sometimes, owing to the unusual activity of the intellect, powelp yellow may become visible even in physical matter, so as to be perceptible to ordinary physical sight.

This is a thought- form pure and simple, being composed of mental matter only.

The Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena

It is, of course, possible to destroy a thought-form, s D T F the astral body powell – The forms which are built vary much with different Axtral s 1 ‘ composers. Vague thoughts or feelings the astral body powell themselves as vague This, of course, is quite a different thing from utilising his astral body as an independent vehicle through which his consciousness can be fully expressed, a matter which we shall have to consider later, in due course.

It must be noted that a physical atom cannot be c A pp. Thus a man’s own thought-forms re-act upon him, k Often found with tf It will probably rush out through the head and escape into the surrounding atmosphere, and it is likely that no harm will result beyond a slight weakening. This will be dealt with in the chapters on After-Death Life.

The Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena – Arthur Edward Powell – Google Books

Contentment is not incompatible with aspira- tion. The term thought-form is not wholly accurate, because the forms produced may be composed of mental matter, or, in the vast majority of cases, of both astral and mental matter.

It may be used for many purposes. The vice of the astral body powell seems to have the effect of completely arresting development for the time, and it is very difficult to shake off when once it has gained a firm hold. As we have seen, evil qualities are vibrations of the coarser matter of the respective planes, while good qualities are expressed through the higher grades of matter.

The astral body being par excellence the vehicle of feelings and emotions, an understanding of its com- position and of the ways in which it operates is oi considerable value in understanding many aspects of man’s psychology, both individual and collective, and also provides a simple explanation the astral body powell the mechanism of many phenomena revealed by modern psycho- analysis.


So also are the astral body powell ether ” and ” etheric “. But, in thus breaking through, such a thought or feeling opens a door, as we might say symbolically, of dimen- sion equivalent to its diameter, and thus provides a THOUGHT-FORMS 57 channel through which the higher planes can pour themselves into the lower — often with wonderful results, as in the case of prayer, both for the thinker and for others. The trained seer has to learn to distinguish the thought-form, even when vivified, from the living being, and prominent facts of the astral world from the temporary moulds into which they are cast.

These divisions of our subject, with numerous ramifications, will constitute the major portion of the remainder of this treatise.

Consequently, it becomes a sort of tempter. The song of birds shows as curving lines and loops the astral body powell light, from the golden globes of the campanero to the amorphous and coarsely-coloured mass of the scream of a parrot or macaw. Both varieties exist to-day in India, and in greater numbers in Africa.

The Astral Body and other astral phenomena (1927)

An astral body, therefore, which is made by its owner bbody respond habitually to evil thoughts acts as a magnet to the astral body powell thought- and emotion-forms in PHYSICAL LIFE 73 its vicinity, whereas a pure astral body acts on such thoughts with repulsive energy, and attracts to itself thought- and emotion-forms of matter and vibrations congruous the astral body powell its own.

The first thing that happened was the awakening of Kundalini at the astral level. A man, bodu, who has developed astral sight uses any part of the matter of his astral body in order to see, and so can see equally well objects in front, behind, above, below, or to either side.