Kimon Nicolaїdes (–) was a Greek American art teacher, author and artist. During At the time of Nicolaïdes’ death, the manuscript for The Natural Way to Draw was incomplete. A close friend and former student, Mamie Harmon, . Natural farming is based on a nature free of human meddling and intervention. It strives Neuroanatomy Draw It To Know It. Pages·· MB·1, 22 Mar Hello, I’ve recently started working with Kimon Nicolaides’ book The Natural way to draw and I’ve started this sketchbook as a way to hold.

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All times are GMT Mixed in with a lot of my exercises are doodles that I drew while I was relaxed and that’s the sort of drawing that I find the most fun but I wan’t to be able to harness that and create actual works of art. I have spent a lot of time focused on the crisp, ny line and form, carefully trying to copy without seeing.

December 24th, A book I ought to reread more often. Sketchbook Tumblr Daggers Sketchbook. So you think you had a harsh critique? If that method of learning doesn’t excite you, then you might want to learn knitting or something else instead.

One cannot wayy technique from expression. Too close for comfort for you huh? Other than that I’m just going to talk for a moment about how I feel about my drawing skills. There is only expression.


If anybody who has worked with this book before has any thoughts on getting that feeling that your pencil is touching the figure I’d love to hear them. Kimon describes gesture drawing as an exercise that should be done furiously and I find that sensation more enjoyable than what he calls “painstaking” drawing like the contour drawings.

The Natural Way to Draw. A year with Kimon Nicolaides

Receive your free drawing lessons right in your inbox every week. When naturral fill in your registered email address, you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password. March 22nd, 6.

Not a stand alone book, but the essential compliment to books with a more traditional approach to figure drawing, with their concentration on anatomy, proportions, representation. March 23rd, One of the greatest artists i know. Nice pictues of how other artists have approached the human form.

The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides

Trivia About The Natural Way t Along with useful exercises, there is a wondrous amount of good advice, I see this book as a bg stepping stone in the road of expression. It has nothing to do with aesthetics or conception. June 26th, At certain times I felt that my results had mass and at other they did not and I haven’t exactly figured out what causes the difference.


After a few sessions of only contour drawings I started to feel better about my results hatural I definitely got a feel for it.

Kimon Nicolaides – The Natural Way to Draw

At first you can’t get anything down, but as you do more you start to understand the shapes and the quick lines you can make to capture them. Jul 29, Pili rated it it was amazing. But really, do you think you are going to be the best you can be without spending the time?

The natural way to draw by kimon nicolaides just a special snowflake, aren’t you Armando? Lists with This Book. As for Blind Contours, I have never met a respected art educator who’d recommended them; His mass-excercises show no conception at all of “Mass”; He does not even understand what Mass is, Turn to page 77 if you have the book, and you might possible see the worst “Mass” drawing ever done.

These exercises hone those skills. Please note New Users will have their posts moderated for a while.