The trick is tickling your amydgala. The amygdala is a dual cluster of nerve cells directly underneath the frontal lobes of the brain. If you imagine. I first met Neil Slade back in the late 90s. He literally blew our minds at viewzone with his amazing story of how the function and control of the amygdala — a pair. 9 Nov Back in or I received an email from Neil Slade. He wanted to interview me for a book he was writing called Tickle Your Amygdala.

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Upasana Dhameliya marked it as to-read Feb 19, As it turns out, a little bit of old-fashioned self-reflection with a little bit of new 21st Century basic neurology thrown in demonstrates that human beings indeed have such a fail-safe directional system always at their disposal.

Meditation versus Amygdala Tickling

In order to insure long term positive emotion the organism MUST employ a reliable system, and that means frontal lobes thinking.

This is the one I wrote you about, Chris! And this is the conundrum. Importantly, however, they all have the same basic mind motor that you have, and it fundamentally works in the very same way yours does.

Rachel marked it as to-read Jul 23, The trick is tickling your amydgala. Fantastic job on the Two-Minute Vacation! All my siblings went to a fancy private school, but because of my handicap my parents had to send me to a public school.

Tickle Your Amygdala by Neil G. Slade

When your amygdala gets bitten you feel like you are going down the drain. But unless you are willing to walk into every mousetrap that comes your way, you have to use more than a mouse sized portion of your brain. Yes, I had to take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves to me, but they came out of the blue. By no coincidence, the amygdala is actually directly connected to your olfactory nerves, and your sense of smell. You are commenting using your WordPress.


At the same time your amygdala and your emotions can quickly identify what is good for you and you can embrace such things.

Inside the emotional part of this furry mammal amydala is a central hub. It is called, you guessed it: Your amygdala is connected to your primitive brain and your senses — so it will give you immediate feedback in relation to things that are right in front of you. The incredibly intuitive soul that identified this in me just passed over last week.

Pleasurable Emotions as Reward.

Brain Radar is like always having a magic wand in your pocket- except that it is not make-believe. So- you can always use any part or combination of Frontal Lobes C. Your amygdala in this sense helps you to “sniff out” threats and rewards, even when you haven’t yet figured out why you might like or loathe something.

Tickling your amygdala works better than anything else for you and for everyone around you. Once it happened about 10 seconds after I sat down in a cafe and started waiting for my cappuccino to arrive.

Sure enough, the problems sorted themselves out, so all that worry was unnecessary ammygdala. You can see things in novel, fresh, new, and different ways than before. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Also, every time you touch it or pull it out and look at it, it will remind you that you have a compass inside your brain. To see how one hunk of cheese plus one spring wire equals the end of the road requires a more complex brain than a mouse is supplied with. Which part of your brain is looking at your amygdala?


In a general sense, it works pretty well. Togetherness is more fun, smarter and better than being alone. If you imagine a spot about an inch behind where your fingers touch between your eyebrows, that’s it.

Tickle Your Amygdala

The book seemed to call me to it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I know this looks kind of gross, but I want to make sure readers of this book know that I am not a lunatic and just making all this stuff up.

Cross section] You have two amygdala in your brain, but they both pretty much do the same thing. They seemed like a natural combination to me, and it’s how I spend some of my meditation time daily. The chapter goes on to explain in simple terms how tikcle tickling works.

Tickle your amygdala! | Gathering Spot

View all 3 comments. In one short session, he made the anger and hollowness that was plaguing me disappear. As years went by, I learned that the technique taught by Self Realization Fellowship was a fairly common one and was based on traditional meditation techniques.

Vijay Gowda marked it as to-read Feb 05, Closing the eyes might also help. The trees were outlined in their own auras, a shimmer of deep pink I heard called a lightskin in my mind What they all have in common is a belief that amygdala tickling or their personal interpretation of it works.

That’s also very handy. But there is not just one way to tickle your amygdala. I was identified as an early Indigo myself several years ago. Jane Rice is currently reading it Oct 31,