Chat and hang out with the sort of people who thought it cromulent to learn toki pona. New? Take the tour. Otherwise, click around to see tools and linguistic. toki! I’m glad you’ve decided to give these lessons a look. Hopefully this introduction will answer any questions you may have. If you’re thinking about learning. Note: This creative work by Wikibooks editors is based on the Toki Pona language, currently published in the official Toki Pona book and website.

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In both the dictionary and toko texts, the ratio of consonants to vowels is almost exactly one-to-one. A kasi kule pokiliterally “plant of color of container” can only be the kind of “plant of color” that comes in a container, i. An alternate system proposed by Lang’s official description of Toki Pona for larger numbers uses luka literally “hand” to signify “five”, mute literally “many” to signify “twenty” and ale literally “all” to signify “”.

This is a common distribution, and similar to Polynesian. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Toki Pona translations of various texts http: This sentence shows one way to write Canada:.

With many people haunted by negative experiences of learning languages at school, Memrise co-founder Ben Whately hopes that learning this simple language might produce a re-assessment of our potential for language acquisition. You should now be able to decide whether or not you’d like to learn Toki Pona. For more information, see the oona information page.

What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours using memes

Prepositions can be used as a class of verbs. The closest thing to passivity in Toki Pona is a structure such as ” result of subject is because of agent. The phrase laso loje means “a reddish shade of blue” and loje laso means “a bluish shade of red”.


Payack, Cp. Learn how and when to remove this template message. Although Toik Pona has a modest following, including a few more or less fluent speakers, I urge you to consider Toki Pona not so much for how well it can entertain you or how large of a following it has, but more for the insight goki can give you as it helps you develop a simpler way of thinking.

What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours using memes | Education | The Guardian

With that said, enjoy the lessons, and good luck learning Toki Pona! All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. In practice, Toki Pona speakers use the phrase mi mute to mean “we”, though the number is often discernible from context and thus only mi is necessary.

Many had eureka moments. The corpus is large enough to do a field linguistics survey based on this corpus. Being far from a natural linguist myself — mere mention of verb conjugation brings me out in a cold sweat — this might have seemed like folly.

Because of the structure of the language it can theoretically be written in any script. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks.

Toki Pona – Wikipedia

It is hoped that readers and contributors will both learn about field linguistics and better understand how toki pona has been used. Toki Pona phrases http: The Toki Pona-language content on this website may poan necessarily reflect the same grammar, usage, style, etc.


Proper names are written inside a cartouche. Please feel free to contribute to the writing of any section. For each sign, the right hand goes to a particular location.

Many of these derivations are transparent. November in Berlin. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.

The language has 14 phonemes and root words and is not designed as an international auxiliary language.

Information about Toki Pona http: However, the changes in pronunciation required by the simple phonetic system make the origins of other words more difficult to see.

We played pictionary, consequences, and made videos, all in Toki Pona.

Some roots are used for grammatical functions such as those that take part in the rules abovewhile others have lexical meanings. Toki Pona is an oligoisolating constructed languagefirst published as draft on the web in and then as a complete book and e-book Toki Pona: Hopefully this introduction will answer any questions you may have. Topics Languages The case for language learning. Two words have archaic synonyms: In the toki pona taso group, users communicate solely in toki pona about various topics.

Three writing systems are used in the book— Latinsitelen sitelen and sitelen pona.